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Welcome to CRANBERRY CENTRAL. We hope you find this site a beneficial asset in any inquiry that you may have concerning cranberry products of all kinds. This site is basically a warehouse of grower direct products from cranberry growers and the value-added products that are made from our crops. Historically a very large percentage of the annual cranberry crop is contracted in advance to what are referred to as handlers, or buyers. An example that most people are familiar with would be The Ocean Spray company, which is a Cooperative. The growers in a cooperative deliver all of their fruit to the cooperative. The Cooperative pools the fruit and markets it for the growers as a group.

There are about 5 other independent major buyers in the cranberry industry. Between the Ocean Spray Cooperative and the independent buyers about 98 % of all cranberries grown in the world are spoken for in advance.

The Cranberry Central fruit is not sold in advance by long- term contracts. One of the goals of this avenue of approach is to give buyers of all kinds more of an opening of a market that has historically had very little freely available fruit.

Our fruit is unspoken for in advance by contractual agreement. This niche market Cranberry Central is seeking to develop. Cranberry Central fruit is available through a number of cranberry marshes that do not have their cranberries sold by a long- term contract.

It's our goal to try and find a niche that makes free fruit available in all forms. This is a relatively new concept that could develop into a desirable alternative avenue of approach to buying cranberry products. We plan to stay relatively small, relative to the size of the entire cranberry industry. Our goal at Cranberry Central is to service that portion of the cranberry buying population that may desire an alternative source of cranberry availability.

A semi typically will hold approximately 500 barrels of fruit or 50 bins. One barrel in the cranberry industry means 100 pounds of cranberries.

Binned fruit refers to the bulk container that the fruit is put into after being cleaned and sorted. The cranberry crate or bin is made of oak and weighs approximately 150 to 175 pounds. Most crates are collapsible. They are made with nylon corner straps so back shipping of the bins is much more economical. Approximately 250 empty-stacked bins can be fit into one semi for back shipping. The bins are designed to flatten down and stack for back shipping. The binned fruit comes in two sized bins, 1000 pound and 1200 pound containers (bins). These containers are what the fruit would be stacked up to seven high in the freezer plant after being cleaned, sorted and filled. The fruit can be procured with the bins included in the price or the customer provides them. Cranberry Central desires to deal in quantities from less than a semi load or as many as 100-semi loads we can provide for your needs and more.

Cranberries in larger quantity and in any form-

  • White fruit
  • Red fruit
  • Any Minimum color requirement
  • Free flowing
  • Binned frozen bulk for processed market.
  • Fresh
  • Dehydrated (sweet and dried)
  • Frozen Sliced
  • Sorted for size miniature, average large etc.
  • Powder
  • Concentrate
  • Off the dike just harvested semi loads.

When we say in any form, we mean in any form that we can have our grower direct product converted into. This can be accomplished buy taking advantage of value added procedures available in the Cranberry Industry. It makes sense that it would be hard to have a better price or be more competitive than the farmer that actually produces the raw material. The idea is to try and fill a niche that appears to be prevalent in the cranberry industry where 98 % of the production is sold in advance. We offer you just one more option that is not currently readily available.

Any requests for larger quantity orders are welcomed. Smaller orders will be considered, even to the consumer. If this idea is successful, hopefully many more cranberry products and related products will be able to become available through this site.

If you are interested in a price for any type of large quantity of cranberry fruit just email us. Email us and let us know how we can possibly help you with your cranberry needs in a one stop-shopping mode.

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