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The Cranberry Central website has this primary objective. To provide the Cranberry Industrial users of cranberries a very cost-effective alternative to buying through a secondary market. Our definition of secondary market would include what the industry calls a handler or a broker or long term pre-contracted grower. The contracted grower we define as cooperative members, or any grower that has signed a , usually longer term contractual agreement for their crop.

Basically 98 % of all cranberry production is sold (contracted) in advance of harvest. The contracted grower cooperative member or any independent individual grower with a per-arranged sales agreement has a legal responsibility to deliver their crop to the buyer for a designated period of time. This is usually in multiyear periods of time. This sites prime objective is to provide cranberries and cranberry products to the market that are not contractually obligated for lengthy periods of time by the grower. The fruit for sale on this site is not contractually obligated in that manner to any entity. We feel that there is a need for free fruit to be available to the industry. By free fruit we mean available directly from the grower. How much simpler could it be?

This site hopes to be able to fill some of the industries current niche needs. The fruit can be acquired in any form that is available to the cranberry industry. Cranberry Central primarily would desire to sell the fruit mainly cleaned, sorted and binned in larger quantities as in semi loads. Fruit would also be available directly off the marsh by the semi load.

Secondarily any form of cranberry product, that is available to the market as a value- added procedure, would also be available. See about us.

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